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TIRELESS is a Challenging 3D Platformer video game which focuses solely on skill based gameplay. Set in a far away universe where player has the role of the character named Blur. Blur is a robot speedster who's goal is to become the best speedster in the galaxy. To do so, he takes up the challenge of beating the game called TIRELESS.

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  • Consisting of variety of different levels, each built in ways to push the boundaries and uncover ones true core skills, You'll be taken on a long and deadly road to victory.

  • Easy to learn, Hard to master. The game is of high difficulty and requires lots of skill to play. There is even an in-game guide dedicated to a complete beginner in TIRELESS to help you get started and understand the very basics of the game.

  • There is a unique power up that plays a huge role in the game called the Adrenaline Box, collecting it triggers the Bright, Fast, and Flashy Adrenaline Mode, giving you an insane boost of speed and increased jump height turning the game into a visually stunning spectacle. This mode is used throughout all levels of the game, and it is advised to take time and learn how to properly navigate in it.


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Narayan Miani

Game development, visual design, level design, 3D modelling, programming.

Alen Miani

Music, sound effects.

Nila Miani

Voice acting.